Friday, December 14, 2007


My Grandson, Zac. He draws very well for a 5year old, and writes very well too. A couple of days ago he sent me a card in the mail..the outside was addressed by an adult hand, but everything on the inside was written by was very legible.
He starts school next year.

Hope everyone has a Happy & safe Festive season.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fruit salad anyone?

There are times when I don't feel like following a pattern...the last couple of evenings were one of those with hook in hand and some yarn I decided a little experiment...Fruit!
There will be more added to this lot over the next few weeks..needs some greenery...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On the way home from work yesterday afternoon

I saw this ............. what is it, what is it? It's a

Monday, October 15, 2007

MEET NELLIE..................

I love my "Yarnable".

Well, she WAS mine.. I am not her creator, I am her Maker.
Comes from a pattern by Bernat, Canada.

She was entered in the Royal Melbourne Show this year....&...came in 3rd.
Of that I was very happy.
There was another toy that "I created", no pattern, just what came from my head..hee hee, it got a Commendation. Must be doing something right. AND they both SOLD, mind you no profit was made, especially after commission and GST comes out. If I made a profit of 10 $ after all that, then I'm happy.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Hello...still here lurking.

A little picture of Orchids, picked from my Aunties garden on saturday. These flowers are just magnificent. Photo doesn't really do them justice.

I've been doing bundles of knitting & crocheting over the past few months. This year I managed to get a Commendation and a Third prize in the Royal Melbourne Show...needless to say, I was very chuffed about that.

My Mum is still hanging in there, battling along. Only a higher power knows when the time.....
When someone you LOVE has been diagnosed with in-operable's tuff.

Keep well.

Friday, March 02, 2007


A huge thankyou to my SWAP BOT friend from Canada for this lovely piece of handmade jewellery. It will look great with the right chain, or even maybe a thin leather strap...hmmm, good excuse to go shopping. Thanks again 'Pickle'.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On Friday 23rd Feb......

....this was taken as I was driving to the country to see mum...about 300 kms...with a mobile phone....hand hanging out the window...Actually the sunset was a lot nicer than in the pik.

Mum and I had a really good weekend..the nursing home where she is now, is really nice and comfortable, and the staff....I have never met a nicer group of carers. It makes me feel more at ease knowing she is in good hands. We both look forward to every second weekend. It's a long drive...I worked it out that I drive approx 800kms every second weekend....but she's worth it.

My niece, Asheleigh is 20 tomorrow....Happy Birthday Ashe....Oooh, and I just realised my eldest son will be 31 this year. . . and my "Baby Boy" is just 27....Dear me, I don't feel young when these sort of numbers come to mind...

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

24 and COUNTING !

Yes, it's only 24 days to the Melbourne Grand Prix. This was taken about an hour and a half ago, and as you can see the works are in full progress. And almost diagonally across from this scene will be where a group of friends and I will be partying. I just love this time of the year...the build up to the GP is electrifying.

In the meantime I have joined SWAP-BOT ..This is going to prove interesting and this is the first time I have done such a thing. Am very eagerly awaiting my first swap package....and three more in the near future..

There has been more stash enhancement of late..(only himself above knows why)..I sure don't know why...just can't help myself..

Something funny to finish off with....I tried to knit from a way Charlie... I am now in the process of reading & writing out the whole pattern in long hand.......aaaah, that'll teach me!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Oh dear, this blogger thing is coming VERY CLOSE to doing my head in...At first it forced me to switch to the "New & Better version"...HUH!!!, and consequently wiped the Flickr badge from the blog. Am I the only one who this has happened to?
Now the brain cells are attempting to work overtime in order to rectify this problem. Any advice would be handy.
I think I need a drink.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


My dear Grandaughter, Amber, is 10 today.


Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


It's also my first BLOGIVERSARY today.

I'd like to give someone a pressie, (possibly a package of fancy yarn stuff)..any takers??? come and say hi.
It's Wednesday here....and on Friday, names will go into a hat or something
similar...An independent party will dip in, grab out a name...IT COULD BE YOU.

Happy Hump Day Wednesday.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


My lovely daughter in law....Tracey gave me these flowers on Sunday just gone..All home grown too. The garden is only small, but it is very well nurtured. Also, considering that water is like liqiud gold at the moment, she has done herself proud.


This set of 4 wheels will be named 'Nikki' after I take possession in 2 days time.
Unfortunately my car that I am driving at the moment, Carrolle Corolla, is being put into retirement. I think she is well past her use by date. But not to say she hasn't been good to me. For the small amount of $$$ she cost me, she more than did me good! It may sound a bit kooky, but a person's gotta have a name for their car...Nikki is a 'KIA'.

The fires are still raging here in the state of Victoria. So much damage has been done. Praying for rain.

A sincere THANKYOU to all the dedicated Firefighters and Volunteers who are doing a great job with their efforts in extinguishing this carnage. You are truly a special bunch of people.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Also CONGRATULATIONS to me. At the end of duty another 1 hour and 40 minutes.....TA DA....I will have completed 20 YEARS service in the same job! soooooo happy about that.

Hope everyone did have a good time wherever and however you saw in the New Year.

It certainly has been a while since I did a post. My dear Mum is having a few health issues. The medical teams etc are working on giving her a reasonable quality of living. My 'MA' will be 81 years young on the 7th Jan. She lives about 4 hours drive away....and I will travelling every other weekend to see her, starting tomorrow.

Keep well.....I'll be back!

partial stash flash

partial stash flash
this is only a wee bit of what is in my yarn room.