Thursday, February 22, 2007

24 and COUNTING !

Yes, it's only 24 days to the Melbourne Grand Prix. This was taken about an hour and a half ago, and as you can see the works are in full progress. And almost diagonally across from this scene will be where a group of friends and I will be partying. I just love this time of the year...the build up to the GP is electrifying.

In the meantime I have joined SWAP-BOT ..This is going to prove interesting and this is the first time I have done such a thing. Am very eagerly awaiting my first swap package....and three more in the near future..

There has been more stash enhancement of late..(only himself above knows why)..I sure don't know why...just can't help myself..

Something funny to finish off with....I tried to knit from a way Charlie... I am now in the process of reading & writing out the whole pattern in long hand.......aaaah, that'll teach me!

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Anonymous said...

San Jose,California has a Grand Prix every year that is very exciting. Have a great time at yours!

partial stash flash

partial stash flash
this is only a wee bit of what is in my yarn room.