Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Would you believe it? How many times has a person tried in shops etc, to get something like this?? I have lost count..and certainly was not prepared to pay with *gold bullion* for similar from e/bay..Then, a catalogue arrived from CROCHET AUSTRALIA
Oh, how I looooove shopping on the internet.. Yes they had this in their catalogue, couldn't order it quick enough, plus a couple of other items too.
The Roly Poly toys will be fun to do.

Also purchased were two pairs of knitting PINS, yes I say PINS. One set is 1.25mm and the other is 1.5mm...too thin to photograph..LOL.

Anyone thinking of dealing with CROCHET AUSTRALIA, I give a positive recommendation. They are safe & fast.
p.s. I have just put in another order.

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partial stash flash

partial stash flash
this is only a wee bit of what is in my yarn room.